Pernada Baiana celebrates its Batizados in London towards the beginning of autumn, with the participation of Mestres from all around the world. We have had the great pleasure to host: Mestre Indio, Mestre Robô Gigante, Mestre Ratinho, Mestre Pelezinho, Mestre Gandu, Mestre Pedreiro, Mestre Pastel, Mestre Bozó Macumba, Contra-mestre Ramón, Contra-mestre Mussa, and Contra-mestre Vaguinho.


The batizado is an intense weekend of training, fun and camaraderie. It starts with an opening roda on Friday evening and a shared meal to welcome visitors.


Saturday schedule is intense! It combines hard training, music lessons, roda and of course troca de cordas (changing belts). The end of the day finishes with a shared meal and party at the best Brazilian fashion. 


Sunday the hangover is eased with training, Maculelé and Samba classes (as the party starts again!). The batizado ends with a phenomenal roda and full of great energy.


Batizado 2015

Batizado 2014

Batizado 2013

Batizado 2012

Batizado 2011

Batizado 2010

Batizado 2009

Capoeira Camps


The very first Capoeira Camp organised dates back to 2011 in Wales. We were only a bunch of students who decided to leave the big smog for the cold but amazing coast of the Gower to train hard and have fun. It turns out to be so productive in every possible aspect that we decided to do it again. 


In Summer 2012 we wanted to go somewhere a little bit warmer, with more welcoming outdoor training conditions. Portugal was the first choice for everyone and this time Mestre Márcio decided to join us for half of the trip. The benefits of that were immeasurable, the fun and training were 10-fold compared to the first camp.


In Summer 2014 the capoeira camp become institutionalised as a regular activity and Pernada Baina chief executives handled the organisation. Students were offered accommodation in a little paradise hidden 30 minutes away from Porto. We trained either around the private swimming pool or on the beach. This week of intense training supervised by Mestre Márcio was rated 10/10 by every participant. Not only thanks to the training but also surely thanks to the effort of the local chef responsible to feed us after the sessions. To put it simply the Capoeira Camp 2014 Rocked!

Porto - Portugal (2015)


Porto - Portugal (2014)

Gower - Wales (2011)

Porto & Azambuja - Portugal (2012)

Capoeira Videos


Movement flow is at the heart of Capoeira. Nothing replaces seing good capoeiristas playing to understand how the game evolves, the constant challenge and response between the players, and the beauty of movements. It also helps you to understand the culture of loyalty and respect for your Mestre, the fun of a game, the seriousness of a fight and the explosion of joy and energy in the singing and acrobatic moves as the roda becomes a celebration. In these videos of Mestre Márcio, other Pernada Baiana and friends playing you can see some examples of this.

Pernada Baiana Batizado - London (2010)

Mestre Márcio and Mestre Índio (2006)

Opening of the roda at Batizado - London (2010)


Contact: Mestre Márcio Santos - (+44)75 2566 3258 / (+351)912131685 -

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